Established in 1996, our company has become one of the most important companies of the elevator industry in Turkey by bringing its elevator equipments to Turkey, Middle East, Africa and European countries in particular. Our rapidly growing and developing company has made representation agreements with major companies in Turkey and Europe and supplied quality and technological products to the elevator sector. Through its creative and innovative staff, it has provided positive and lasting relationships with its customers and continued with full customer satisfaction.
With the growth of the trade volume, in 2011, we spent 4,500 sqm. of office and logistics center in Istanbul / Maltepe and increased the product supply rate, further strengthening the position in the sector.
In 2015, a total investment of 7.000 sqm. in a covered area built on an area of ??10.000 sqm. in Malatya was completed and it continued to contribute to the country's economy by increasing employment. Within a short period of time Fermator has become the largest fully automatic floor and cabin door manufacturer in Turkey. Beside these, according to all types of elevators, cabins and carcasses started to be manufactured. 
Beginning from 2017, we started to provide service to this area with strong technical staff who have completed development activities related to elevator and quality package standards.??We will continue to serve our valued customers with the technical support power before and after the order.
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Tax office and number : Küçükyalı 7710057127