• They are flat cables which are electrolytic tin, multiple thin wire conductive copper cable, chloroprene rubber outer cover resistant to flame and oil. 
  • It is used as control and feeder cable in elevators, cranes, and conveyer and mobilizing vehicles. Protective outer cover made out of chloroprene rubber is resistant to oil, diesel fuel, acids, chemicals, ozone and flame. In the wake of these circumstances, cable works in all kinds of weather conditions and in all kinds of environment conditions.
  • Flexible cable is attached to the place between control panel in cable machine room and revision box on the cabin. All the electrical connection of the cabin is provided by this cable.
  • Cabin lighting,
  • Cabin internal floor cuttons’ feeder
  • Feeder of stop button and alarm button,
  • Feeder of up and down buttons located in revision box,
  • Feeder of lighting on cabin
  • Are completely carried out by means of this cable.

Technical Details