In Human Resources Systems In order to manage a corporate culture which is prone to teamwork and open to change and innovation by providing a rapid and expected-quality labor force and organization in parallel with strategic plan and purposes of our corporate and improving of our sector;
Human Resources carry out its Planning in line with strategy and aims. By using competency-based objective methods, we give importance on equality of opportunity via “Perfect Person for Perfect Job” principle within the process of Selection and Position. 
In order to improve the competences and creativities of our personnel and maintain its continuity, we carry out efficient Training and Improving programs.
We measure the performances of our personnel via objective methods and in order for them to perform their best, we support their improvement potentials and contributions to the department and the corporate. 
With the help of new working models and appropriate working environment, we make sure that our personnel do their best. 
We motive our personnel for success and we support and reward individual and team works with the aim of increasing participation.
We strengthen in-house communication by means of organizations, social and cultural activities which increase the motivation of personnel and provide unity and interaction. 
We regard the families of our personnel of whom we share common aims as a part of our success.
By observing the laws and regulations on occupational health and safety, we take the necessary measures required for working in a safe environment.